Edited Ainsley Wagoner's Feminine Economy Exchange.

This how-to guide explores alternatives to patriarchy and American capitalism, sharing a toolkit for prototyping a new type of economy, rooted in feminine values.

The book sold out within weeks of publication both online and in-store at Little Paper Planes and Needles and Pens in San Francisco.


Author testimonial

Courtney was pivotal to making the book a reality. I would describe her editing strengths in 3 categories. 

Firstly - she immediately grasped the bigger picture of the project and helped me to imagine something much larger than I was initially going to publish. I wanted to play small and do something quick and she saw what was special and important about it and convinced me to do that vision justice. 

Secondly - she was an excellent editor. She knew where to tell me to write more, she could tell what I was trying to skip over or minimize, and she had a good sense of the overall structure and pacing of the text. She was great at the details too - correcting punctuation and coaxing better phrasing and tenses.

Thirdly - she helped me pace my project. She was always prompt in getting me back the edits by our agreed date, but there came a time in the project when I needed help prioritizing and making a schedule for the many different pieces of it that no one else was holding me accountable for. Courtney did this and it helped me stay on track in a phase of the project where I could've easily lost momentum.

I highly recommend working with Courtney on any editing project, regardless of the phase. She's able to come in at any stage and help your vision come to life (and maybe even encourage it to be even grander!)