MICRO is a nonprofit that builds tiny science museums and installs them in unexpected places.

Exhibits like the Smallest Mollusk Museum and the Museum of Perpetual Motion pop up across NYC, expanding public access to fundamental knowledge.


As MICRO’s Communications Manager, I created an arsenal of digital materials that conveyed the value of MICRO museums to existing and prospective venue partners.

An early stage start up, MICRO was still developing its visual identity. This seminal collateral aimed to further define the MICRO brand through graphic design as fun, forward thinking, and personality filled as the museums themselves.

From introductory pitch decks to retrospective case studies, these materials supported MICRO’s relationship with venues at every stage of communication, helping MICRO land game-changing partnerships with Rockfeller Center, the Ace Hotel, the Brooklyn Public Library, the Lower East Side Girls Club, NY Health & Hospitals, and others.

Design inspiration: MICRO’s Smallest Mollusk Museum

Design inspiration: MICRO’s Smallest Mollusk Museum